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Words à la Mode
is a comprehensive writing-editing-proofreading service dedicated to assisting you, the writer, in your effort to move smoothly, skillfully, and effectively through the multiple stages of crafting and completing your project.

At Words à la Mode you may order from our full-course menu—in which you are coached, cajoled, and coddled through the creative process. Along the way, your format, style, and content are developed from raw original concept to flawless final incarnation.

Whether you are creating:

  • autobiographies, novels, or nonfiction manuscripts
  • business documents
  • speeches
  • song lyrics
  • personal letters
  • or any form of written expression requiring a unique personal stamp, you can be sure your authentic voice and theme will prevail throughout.

    Our à la carte menu is your second option. If you have already written your material, and would now like it professionally reviewed, and perhaps revised, rewritten, and/or proofread, simply choose:
  • writing/ghostwriting/co-authoring
  • content editing or copyediting
  • proofreading
  • or mix and match to your distinct specifications.

    Words à la Mode also provides writing services designed to meet your bilingual requirements, whatever your native language. Our creative team speaks for you in persuasive, impeccable, idiomatic English, giving you a competitive edge in a challenging American marketplace.

    We are also available for group or individual training in the spoken and written language.

    Words à la Mode is the creative brainchild of writer-author-editor Roberta Edgar and editor-proofreader-publicist Flo Selfman. With a wide range of experience in the literary field, we effectively guide our clients through the many-layered process of writing—from inception on through publication and beyond.

    Whichever selection you make, we will infuse your material with our genuine passion for excellence, delivering to you the optimal result—on time, on budget, at a fair market price, and with absolute confidentiality.

    Menu of Services

  • Writing/Ghostwriting/Co-Authoring: When you need something written and your time and talents are otherwise occupied, consider the services of a professional to mold your raw material into a well-crafted manuscript that retains your unique voice and ultimate objective.

  • Editing—conceptual, developmental, substantive: Whatever label you attach to this process, it not only involves the substitution of words and/or phrases, but also the shifting, restructuring, and often reinventing of words, phrases, paragraphs, and/or chapters of the original material. Often, it requires redeveloping portions of the material for more effective delivery of your original intent.

  • Editing—copy, line, content: This process traditionally involves replacing some of your words or phrases with others that are more accurate, specific, and/or appropriate to the material.

  • Proofreading: A document may be as short as a 100-word ad, a 250-word page, or a 100,000-word book, but one misspelled, misused, or omitted word or punctuation mark can destroy your credibility as a writer. As well as you might turn a phrase or deliver your written message, one incorrect verb or misplaced apostrophe may relegate your work to the round file of obscurity. The last step in the process, it is of primary importance.

  • Coaching/Consulting: You plan to write your own material, but lack the discipline, the focus, or the vital know-how to do it alone. Professional support from a coach or consultant will set you on the creative path and keep you there until the project is completed.

  • Speeches: Public speaking is an important part of how business is conducted and information is delivered in today’s society. For maximum impact, consider seeking assistance in developing your spoken message.

  • Seminars/Workshops: Call on the experts at Words à la Mode to produce a seminar or workshop on a timely subject for your group, company, or association. Our traditional topics include: writing your story or memoir, the editing process, grammar and punctuation, publishing, and marketing. Additional topics are available upon request.


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