Words à la Mode*


Come cook up your own success story.
You already have the potential for great writing. Just add one of the following ingredients to the mix:

  • a story worth telling;
  • a book, article, screenplay, business material or web content in need of writing or rewriting;
  • a few random notes or a completed manuscript in search of a ghostwriter, editor, and/or proofreader;

  • and, of course,

  • a professional writing and editing service dedicated to whipping your words into an object of literary perfection. 

  • It all starts with your idea, your intention, your goal. From its initial utterances inside your imagination to its eventual public discourse, it’s all about the words you inscribe on a page.

    Words à la Mode is designed to season and stir your idea into reality, tease and tempt your creative palate, and ultimately serve your discerning taste buds to their supreme satisfaction.

    Come, feast on our menu. Sample the ways we can help you elevate your writing to its highest level and allow you to savor that sweet smell of success.

    The proof, dare we say, is in our pudding. (You’ll just have to take our words
    for it!)

    *Standard definition of “à la mode”: (1) in or of the current fashion; (2) dessert topped with ice cream (In either case, The last word
    on words).

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